300 CLUB Information

The Monthly Draws will take place at the Colerne Cinema

2022 Winners

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The 300 Club Annual Prize Draw was drawn by Natalie Pike on Tuesday 21st September 2021 in the Village Hall after the AGM.  The Winners are below:

  Prize                          Share                            Name

   £252                            242                              Mr P Brookes

   £101                                 9                             Mrs J Bicknell

  £45.50                          109                              Mr D Hitch

                                         134                             Mrs D Driver

                                         190                             Mrs S Reid

                                         105                             Ms J Dezonie

  £30.50                             26                             Mr R Barker

                                           38                             Miss S Nicholas

                                         200                             Mrs S Dyer

                                         150                             Mrs G Brierley

  £25.50                             46                             Mr D Brierley

                                          121                            Mrs  C Harrison

                                              2                            Miss D Reason

                                            29                            Mr D Thompson  

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